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Kimberley Rock Monitor – Varanus glauerti
March 1, 2008, 11:57 pm
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We’ve wanted these small monitors for some time and finally have them. Without a doubt, these are the most elegant small monitor around. There outgoing attitude makes them irrestible to anyone that has had the pleasure of handling one. They often run up your arm and sit on your shoulder when you open their cage door.

Yet another Australial gem. Kimberley’s are known to inhabit the extreme north of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Their grace and beauty make them one of the most sought after varanids in the hobby. The color and pattern are rarely captured in photographs and need to be seen to be appreciate to the fullest.

This stunning monitor reaches 60-70 cm TL.

An insect and rodent based diet serves them well in captivity. Although sometimes a challenging feeder, kimberleys are worth the effort.

Our male and female are both very mellow and a joy to keep. When it comes to beauty, Kimberleys are second to none.

Their slender build and extreme contrast in pattern are sure to catch your eye and pique your interest.

Still very rare in private collections, this monitor is for the discerning keeper who wants to add rarity to their collection that will set them apart from the crowd..