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Heating and Lighting for the Spiny Tailed Monitor (Varanus Acanthurus)
February 22, 2008, 4:15 am
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What’s the best temperature for your ackie? Only it knows! Besause we cannot possibly know what the “best” temp is, we have to offer a wide range of temps. You should provide a basking spot of 120 degrees farenheit and a cold spot of 75, with everything in between. If you provide a range of everything within safe limits, and let your lizard choose what it wants, you can’t go wrong.

Light has been a big issue with lizards since I can remember. With all the misinformation on UVA and UVB and ‘full spectrum’ lighting it’s hard to tell how to aproach the light situation. Which bulb is best? The answer: it doesn’t matter! Simple flourescent lights work perfectly for ambient light, and simple incadescent bulbs work great for heating. Both can be purchased cheaply at any hardware store. If you want to make sure your ackie gets the right vitamins, supplement the diet with vitamin supplements like “rep-cal” or “herptivite”, don’t leave it to a light.