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Peacock Monitor (Varanus auffenbergi)
March 16, 2008, 5:13 am
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Varanus auffenbergi

The peacock monitor was only described as a new species in 1999! But it’s not that different from Varanus Timorensis, or the Timor Monitor (Spotted Tree Monitor). The coloration and spot pattern as the only difference. The difference is the blue grey ocelli, whereas the Timors are creame colored, and they don’t have a pattern on their underside. The Peacock has some pattern on its bottom side. The color up top is dark grey. Numorous ocelli, (photoreceptor organs on animals; spots that sense light but not its direction). They have central spots, often light blue to grey. A red brown pattern is visible otherwise.
Strangely, these patterns fade after keeping in time in captivity.After this period, its hard to differentiate between the two.
In number, there are as many as there are Timors.

It’s length is up to 60 cm, or about 23.5 inches.The tail is relatively fat and round in cross section. Light scales form an irregular pattern.

The Peacock Monitor is mainly located on the island of Roti, Southwest of Timor.

In captivity they are relatively shy, but are not much different than taking care of the Spotted Tree Monitors.


White’s Dwarf Monitor (Varanus baritji)
March 1, 2008, 11:47 pm
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This Australian dwarf species looks very similar to V.acanthurus. Even experts have been wrong in the past. The biggest difference between these two species are their markings and pattern. The easiest way to tell the difference is by close comparison. V.baritji lacks the light and dark dorsal neck stripes and the ocellated markings on the back in comparison to V.acanthurus.

All of Varanus Species
March 1, 2008, 11:37 pm
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Latin name: Dutch name: English name: German name:
Varanus acanthurus Stekelstaart varaan Spiny-Tailed goanna / Ridge Tail monitor Stachelschwanzwaran
Varanus albigularis Witkeelvaraan White-throated monitor Kapwaran
Varanus auffenbergi   Peacock monitor / blue Timor monitor  
Varanus baritji   WHITE’s dwarf goanna  
Varanus beccarii Zwarte boomvaraan Black tree monitor Schwarzer baumwaran
Varanus bengalensis Bengaalse varaan Bengal monitor Bengalwaran
Varanus boehmei Goudgevlekte boomvaraan Golden Speckled Tree monitor Goldgefleckter Baumwaran
Varanus bogerti Bogert’s varaan Bogert’s monitor Bogertwaran
Varanus brevicauda   Short-tailed goanna  
Varanus bushi      
Varanus caeruliverens Turkoois varaan Turquoise / Blue pinspot monitor  
Varanus caudolineatus Streepstaartvaraan Stripe-tailed goanna  
Varanus cerambonensis   Ambon monitor  
Varanus doreanus Blauwstaartvaraan Blue-tailed monitor  
Varanus dumerilii Dumerili varaan Dumeril’s monitor Dumrilwaran
Varanus dwyeri      
Varanus eremius   Pygmy desert goanna  
Varanus exanthematicus   Bosc’s monitor lizard Steppenwaran
Varanus finschi   Finschi’s monitor  
Varanus flavescens   Yellow monitor / Short-toed monitor Gelbwaran
Varanus giganteus   Perentie Perentie
Varanus gilleni   Gillen’s goanna / Mulga monitor  
Varanus glauerti Glauert’s varaan Glauert’s goanna  
Varanus glebopalma   Twilight goanna / Long tailed rock monitor  
Varanus gouldii Gouldsvaraan Gould’s goanna Gouldswaran
Varanus griseus   Grey / Caspian / Indian desert – monitor Wstenwaran
Varanus indicus Mangrove varaan Mangrove monitor Pazifikwaran
Varanus jobiensis   Sepik monitor / Peach-throated monitor  
Varanus juxtindicus   Rennell island monitor  
Varanus keithhornei Blauwneusvaraan Blue-nosed goanna / Canopy monitor Queensland-baumwaran
Varanus kingorum   King’s goanna  
Varanus komodoensis Komodovaraan Komodo Dragon Komodowaran
Varanus kordensis      
Varanus mabitang   Panay monitor  
Varanus macraei   Blue tree / Mac Rae’s monitor  
Varanus melinus Gele boomvaraan Quince / Yellow monitor lizard Quittenwaran
Varanus mertensi Mertens watervaraan Mertens’ goanna Wasserwaran
Varanus mitchelli   Mitchell’s goanna  
Varanus niloticus Nijlvaraan Nile monitor Nilwaran
Varanus olivaceus   Gray’s monitor Olivwaran
Varanus ornatus Nijlvaraan Ornate monitor Nilwaran
Varanus panoptes   Argus monitor Arguswaran
Varanus pilbarensis   Pilbara goanna  
Varanus prasinus Smaragd varaan Green tree monitor, Emerald monitor Smaragdwaran
Varanus primordius   Blunt-nosed goanna  
Varanus reisingeri Gele boomvaraan Yellow tree monitor  
Varanus rosenbergi   Rosenberg’s goanna Schwarzer Sandwaran
Varanus rudicollis   Rough-necked monitor Rauhnackenwaran
Varanus salvadorii   Salvadori’s monitor / Crocodile monitor Papuawaran
Varanus salvator Watervaraan Water monitor Bindenwaran
Varanus scalaris Gebandeerde boomvaraan Banded tree goanna  
Varanus semiremex   Rusty goanna  
Varanus similis   Spotted tree goanna  
Varanus spenceri   Spencer’s goanna Spencerwaran
Varanus spinulosus   Keeled Monitor Lizard  
Varanus storri   Storr’s goanna  
Varanus telenesetes   Rossel island monitor  
Varanus timorensis Timorvaraan Timor monitor Timorwaran
Varanus tristis   freckled / mournful / black-headed -goanna Trauerwaran
Varanus varius   Lace monitor Buntwaran
Varanus yemenensis   Yemen monitor  
Varanus yuwonoi   Tricolored monitor  
Varanus zugorum